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UPDATE 16th March 2021

Hoping you are all well.
We are now gently easing out of lockdown and there are lots of things to start looking forward to!
Outdoor exercise can start from 29th March but currently, we are not able to use the tennis courts as we did last year but I am looking for a suitable alternative.

Indoor classes can start from 17th May but with limited numbers so this will restrict the classes which can re-start.
Subject to data, all restrictions are lifted from 21st June so in theory, we are planning to open up where we can at that time. We do have a governing body who will confirm nearer the time if there are likely to be any limits on numbers but we guess not.  

ZOOMBA still runs every day, with 20 minute walking sessions at 4pm 3 days a week plus a 20 min toning and stretching session. Great time to get moving from your desk before starting your evening meals etc.
More than happy to help with anyone who is nervous about using Zoom - once you are set up, the rest is straightforward - you get a link into an email address and just press the link!!

Watch this space for further updates, or better still, message me with your email address and I can keep you
quickly updated with any changes
Be safe xx

(see "classes" for times of current online classes )
NB: Once indoor classes restart, I am only able to have a maximum of 15 people per indoor class, so all classes must be pre-booked.
Please confirm your wish to attend by email or text message.

Hopefully see you in person soon!
07966 373089
zumbainbristol@aol.com xx

If you are interested in joining one of our online classes, you will need to contact me by email.
From there, you will be invited to classes via an email, which will  have both a meeting id AND password for the classes due in the coming week.
Once you are on the email list, you will be contacted weekly to confirm the meeting codes/passwords for that week.

PLEASE make sure you check you are downloading the ZOOM app from https://zoom.us/  
Hackers will create "lookalike" apps so only use the attached link.

Do invite friends and family to join in, but the preference is we have their name and email address before the class. If not, I do need to have at least their name - if we are not expecting them to join in, they may not be allowed entry to the class.

We have taken these steps to make the classes as secure as possible from others out to cause a bit of mischief!!

Plus seated classes every Tues and Friday @ 1.30pm
Go to Classes for further details

Don't forget to like our Facebook page as well, called Zumba in Bristol

Zumba fitness classes for everyone!!
All ages, ladies and gents, high impact, low impact, seated classes, limited mobility.

Come and join in the fun!!!
Online classes - using ZOOM

As Fitness Instructors, myself and many friends have found ourselves out of work for the foreseeable future.  

Zumba has previously prohibited us from livestreaming classes as it was a violation of our Zumba licence.  However, in an attempt to have a way to continue earning, they have removed this restriction.

We have now been running the classes online for over seven months now!!! And they will be remaining x

Being able to "see" you has been great, and for you to "see" faces you know has also been a real bonus.  Many people are still not comfortable with returning to indoor classes for a variery of reasons, so it is important the online classes remain.

Classes will be £3.50 per class or unlimited access to all classes during the week for £10!!!
For now, you can make payments direct to my business account :
Santander, Zumba in Bristol, 090127  90563366 (your name as reference)
Also, let me know your email address so that I can send you a waiver form for insurance
purposes and send you the login details for the classes.

(If you can't pay direct to here, let me know - there are other options!)

Please spread the word to your friends, family and neighbours - share the Zumba love!! xx

If you want to take part in an online class, message me by text or email and I will contact you with further details.
You can attend a class using your phone, tablet or laptop.  
Download the ZOOM app using this link : https://zoom.us/

Class Days & Times
UPDATED 16th March 2021- includes virtual classes, indoors and outdoor classes:

OUTDOORS - these classes are on hold for the time being

VIRTUAL - £3.50 per class or £10 for unlimited access Monday - Friday
ZUMBA GOLD :  Monday to Friday @ 9.45am for 45 minutes (it will be low impact, but options to go higher if you wish to)

SEATED ZUMBA :   Tuesday and Friday @ 1.30pm for 45 mins :  ideal if you have mobility issues, or just find it easier (and safer) to sit whilst exercising.  If you've never done the chair classes, now is a good time to try!
PLUS - the above includes access to a free 20 minute session Mon - Fri at 4pm!!
Moon, Weds and Fri is walking exercise, Tuesday is toning and Thursday is stretching

To join a class, you will need to email me your name, and confirmation of the class or classes you wish to attend.
On receipt of your payment, you will be send login details to use on those days.  You will need to download the ZOOM app to access classes and they are all realtime classes, not recorded.

Don't forget - any problems, do let me know. x

INDOORS - 1 hour classes are £5,     45 minute classes are £4

Let's keep dancing!!!
Contact Me

phone : 07966 373089
email : zumbainbristol@aol.com
facebook : Zumba in Bristol
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