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13th July update
Hello everyone
Many of you escaped Bristol last week with your camper vans, to holiday homes, to a hotel etc.  I hope you enjoyed the change of scenery from your four walls, and the slow return to whatever our "new normal" will be.  
For those of you who aren't going away, maybe arrange to visit a friend or some family, touch base with someone you haven't seen for a while, change things up a bit.  If you haven't been out and about very much in the public arena, maybe start to take some baby steps to see what is happening outside - it's really not as scary as you may think.  By and large, the majority of people are well mannered enough to let you go before them, or move out of your way.   And if someone should get too close momentarily, or brush past you, you will be fine.  
I went to a local coffee shop on Friday to see the changes they had made, and it was a very pleasant experience - waiting to be seated rather than scouring the room for a seat, being served at a table rather than queueing up to order - it's always good to look for the silver linings

As many of you are aware, the government made an announcement a few days ago which supports the slow return of indoor physical activity.  
Below are the "Top Takeaways" from the new guidelines:
  • Minimum of space required per participant is 9.23 square metres (100 ft sq) for stationary activity where the participant does not leave the spot. Where movement is required, you must stick with social distancing of 2 square metres in all directions meaning for movement 16 square metres per person ( 172.2ftsq) is required. Where possible, spaces should be marked out on the floor
  • Time must be left in between classes for full cleaning meaning no back to back sessions, unless you have the exact same group of people.
  • Booking system is essential, as is a cashless payment system. No drop ins
  • There must be a one way system around the venue
  • Outside queues must be socially distanced
  • You must not encourage any loud music or anything which would need anyone including the instructor to raise their voice.
  • Ventilation can only be one way ventilation. No device which distributes re-circulated air is allowed. So no air con or fans
  • "Given the high risk of transmission from visiting instructors, where possible, a private testing programme for rotating instructors should be established". This is a HUGE one for anyone renting community spaces which are indoors.
So, the first of the top takeaways states we need to have around 16sqm (172sq ft) of space per person in a hall for a class which moves about.  If you imagine a badminton court, that would allow us to have approx 6/7 people on it!.  That alone means we are unable to even consider starting classes. At the same time, a couple of halls have advised me that they are not opening up at the moment as they don't believe they are Covid secure.  

The virtual classes will remain in place and if you are struggling to get online for any reason, please do let me know as I would love for you to join me.  I'm happy to help you with any technical issues which may be hampering you.

If there are other reasons why you can't join in, please do let me know . eg : are the scheduled times not working for you and if not, what times are best?  you don't do online banking and think there are no alternatives? Feedback is really useful to improve the service I can provide to you.  
Don't forget, whilst we're virtual, we have no space or travel restrictions!!  So feel free to invite family and friends along to our Zumba party! If you are interested in joining one of our online classes, you will need to contact me by email.

Keep smiling and having fun.xx

Charity updates :
Cancer research - our donated entry fees forthe cancelled Race for Life is approx £1,000
Brain Tumour Research - £305
Jessie May Trust - £423

We are also currently raising money for OTR (off the record) by selling handmade reusable masks - 4 masks for £5.
You can have all ladies, all mens, or 2 of each!  If you want to support the charity, contact me by email or phone and we'll take your order.


If you are interested in joining one of our online classes, you will need to contact me by email.
From there, you will be invited to classes via an email, which will  have both a meeting id AND password for the classes due in the coming week.
Once you are on the email list, you will be contacted weekly to confirm the meeting codes/passwords for that week.

PLEASE make sure you check you are downloading the ZOOM app from https://zoom.us/  
Hackers will create "lookalike" apps so only use the attached link.

Do invite friends and family to join in, but the preference is we have their name and email address before the class. If not, I do need to have at least their name - if we are not expecting them to join in, they may not be allowed entry to the class.

We have taken these steps to make the classes as secure as possible from others out to cause a bit of mischief!!

This a temp website for now.
Problems with an old PC meant I couldn't gain access to the website to update it.    

Go to Classes for further details

Don't forget to like our Facebook page as well, called Zumba in Bristol

Zumba fitness classes for everyone!!
All ages, ladies and gents, high impact, low impact, seated classes, limited mobility.

Come and join in the fun!!!
Due to current Covid-19 restrictions, all classes are currently taking place online
Online classes - using ZOOM

As Fitness Instructors, myself and many friends have found ourselves out of work for the foreseeable future.  

Zumba has previously prohibited us from livestreaming classes as it was a violation of our Zumba licence.  However, in an attempt to have a way to continue earning, they have removed this restriction.

We have now been running the classes online for over several weeks now and the reaction has been awesome.

Being able to "see" you has been great, and for you to "see" faces you know has also been a real bonus.  Many people are struggling with travel restrictions at this really difficult time and missing contact with family and friends, so to do some Zumba each day is really helping them out.

People are also asking me how to make payment for the classes.
Classes will be £3.50 per class or unlimited access to all classes during the week for £10!!!
For now, you can make payments direct to my business account :
Santander, Zumba in Bristol, 090127  90563366 (your name as reference)
Also, let me know your email address so that I can send you a waiver form for insurance
purposes and send you the login details for the classes.

(If you can't pay direct to here, let me know - there are other options!)

HOWEVER (if you have previously attended one of my classes, this is really important)
a) If you too are out of work, I still want you to take a class
b) If you want to do classes all week but struggle with the £10, I still want you to take the classes
Just email me to let me know.   We're all in this together!!!  I know the positive benefits you will receive by being able to participate.

Please spread the word to your friends, family and neighbours - share the Zumba love!! xx

Details below for how to take part  :  if you get stuck, don't give up!! Do let me know and myself or someone else will call you and get you sorted - it's really straighforward once you've done the first one xx
You can attend a class using your phone, tablet or laptop.  
Download the ZOOM app using this link : https://zoom.us/

Class Days & Times
UPDATED 2nd AUGUST - new times!!

ZUMBA GOLD :  Monday to Friday @ 9.30am for 45 minutes (it will be low impact, but options to go higher if you wish to)
Classes will be running on Bank Holidays as well  xx

ZUMBA FITNESS :  Tuesday and Thursday @ 6pm for around 45/50 mins

SEATED ZUMBA :   Tuesday and Friday @ 1.30pm :  ideal if you have mobility issues, or just find it easier (and safer) to sit whilst exercising.  If you've never done the chair classes, now is a good time to try!

To join a class, you will need to email me your name, and confirmation of the class or classes you wish to attend.
On receipt of your payment, you will be send login details to use on those days.  You will need to download the ZOOM app to access classes and they are all realtime classes, not recorded.

Don't forget - any problems, do let me know. x

Let's keep dancing!!!
Contact Me

phone : 07966 373089
email : zumbainbristol@aol.com
facebook : Zumba in Bristol
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