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My Zumba profile
Here you can check that I am a registered
Zumba instructor and it also confirms the
areas of Zumba I am licensed to teach.

Not all Zumba classes have a licensed instructor!!

zumba in bristol

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Here is a link to my "daytime" business.

We declutter, rearrange, redesign, get properties
prepared for sale and more.

Call for more information or speak to me at one
of the classes!


Zan is a local reflexologist.

What is reflexology?? It is a system of massage used to
relieve tension and treat illness, based on the theory
that there are reflex points on the feet, hands, and head
linked to every part of the body.

It is a very relaxing therapy and aimed at treating the whole person.

Give it a try - 10% discount for the over 60's.

Good selection of bras in varying styles and colours.

A good sports bra is essential - especially if you are doing any high impact work or running.
Like all bras, it is trial and error regarding the style which will fit you best.

Do go to a department store and try some on.

Little tip if you buy the racer bra - it can feel almost impossible to get on by yourself!
These bras have two sets of fastenings. I would recommend keeping the upper set closed
at all times so you put the bra on in the same way as a top/jumper etc and you then only
have to contend with closing the bottom fastening.

Alopecia Support Group

The Bath, Bristol & Wiltshire support group has been established for a number of years now.

The following are welcome to attend the meeting:
Those with all types of alopecia age 14 and over (male and female)
Friends/Partners of those with all types of alopecia (accompanying someone with alopecia)
Parents of children with all types of alopecia

Please note that those age 14-17 must be accompanied by someone age 18 or over.

This group is not suitable for those under 14. If you have a child under 14 and are looking for support please do still contact the group lead so that they can keep your details for any future developments of the group or try and put you in touch with others in the area


Meet Kimberley Bailey, a divorce and family law solicitor with Woolley & Co, based in Hanhaml.
She deals with all areas of family law, including divorce, separation, financial settlements and cases involving children.

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